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We provide a complete service. Your needs may vary from stripping a simple piece of furniture to having all the shutters of your house removed and stripped. We can only strip items that are easily removed and that fit in our tank.
The tank is just under 3 meters long 2.5 meters wide and 1 meter deep,
BIG enough for most items so far!

shutters before & after chemical dip.jpg (22123 bytes)
No problem!!
As you can see from the photograph
above they have been stripped completely clean. (The black marks are where the original painter used a blow torch to prevent the knots in the pine from issuing sap or resin which would inevitably spoil the paint
finish, nothing to do with the cleaning process.)

‘Dip and Strip’ handle a lot of wooden shutters and for pricing we have a very straight forward policy covering all the various dimensions. They fall into only two categories. A shutter covers one of two things either a window or a door/patio door, if it covers a window then we refer to it as a "window size" shutter, and of course a shutter covering a door/patio door is known as a "door size" shutter.

Window size shutters (per leaf, a standard window has three leaves)…£6:00 each.

Door size shutters………………………………………………………£9:00 each.

Some very old buildings have shutters over two meters in height, these we price on an individual basis depending on quantity.
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Now that they are stripped. think about a wood preservative

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